Rock Dream was founded in 1979 in Novellara (RE), Italy, where you can find its head office even today.Nowadays, Rock Dream has gained a leading role in showbiz not only in the Italian market but also abroad.

Rock Dream cooperates with small, medium and large firms, assuring a service aware of any different Client’s requirement, carrying out market-researches and proposing solutions, listening to the possible suggestions provided by the Client itself.

Rock Dream has been dealing with merchandising for over 35 years, focusing on the music business.

The word "Merchandising" refers to all those activities addressed to the promotion and valorization of an icon, a name or a trademark by commercializing it in the shape of the item: clothes (T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps) bags and books, gadgets of various kinds, all personalized and coordinated with the look and the image of the Client. Besides an accurate selection of materials and techniques, Rock Dream’s prerogative is the safeguard of the Client: all the products are protected by the trademark registration and by the consequent law guardianship.


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